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Social media is the number one vehicle for online marketing, and Facebook may be the most popular site of all. Facebook marketers must consider content delivery, promotions, etiquette and privacy, creating community, applications, advertisements, the open graph, and much more. Written by social media experts, this all-in-one guide gives marketers and small-business owners all the tools they need to create successful Facebook marketing campaigns.

Facebook is all about developing relationships – develop a real relationship to gain trust, you gain trust, you make sales, word of mouth happens.

Lead generation

Lead generation is a skill that can be FUN to master.  Sometimes, it can also be downright overwhelming all the information floating around on how to generate leads.   And, if you are brand new to lead generation, you may not even be sure where to begin.

The answer is simple.  Facebook.  And here is why.

Recently, a study came out that said the average users spends close to 8 hours a month on Facebook.  It is by far the largest traffic generating machine out there.

Two or three posts today help develop the critical relationship with your fans. Have some fun, don’t just make your posts business like and serious, but at the same time establish yourself through these posts as an expert in your niche market.

Use PM (private message) to invite people you have ALREADY established contact with through your daily posts to your fan page. DONT do this until you have made contact already with them.

[Friend request – Hi, I see we share some of the same interests, or both in the field of social media, or real estate etc. I would love to connect you to my network.]

Businesses shouldn’t rush into social media. Because having no social media presence at all is better than having a bad one. Remember just because something is popular or trendy doesn’t mean you need to do it.

Here are 3 questions you need to answer before jumping in to social media.

1. How does this support your business?

Most people start social media because they hear about it on TV, read about it in the news and hear from others that “it’s a great way to market your business”.  But most don’t understand why they’re doing it, or what to expect from it.

They can’t define what success will look like before they begin.

That’s a big problem.  You don’t need to know the ROI (rate on investment) but you do need to understand how it’s going to either (1) increase revenue, (2) decrease costs, or (3) increase customer support.

So figure out your social media goals or strategy before jumping in head-first. Then when you understand it, you’ll appreciate it more and invest more time and effort.

2. Are your expectations realistic?

Being successful in social media is extremely difficult.  It’s a 24/7 job, constantly evolving, so you need to have realistic expectations. Not only in terms of success (see #1 above). But also what it’s going to take to succeed.

It may be inexpensive, but it takes a ton of effort and time. So if you don’t have the energy, or can’t hire people such as a social media manager to take control, then don’t even start.  For example, you can’t hire blog writers for $10 per article and expect it to drive business and build an audience.  And you can’t launch a new website, and expect SEO traffic to flood your website the next day.

Inbound marketing tactics like social media and content marketing can drastically improve your marketing ROI (rate on investment).  But they’re difficult, time-consuming, and long-term tactics. You need to be willing to work for the long-term payoff if you want social media to build your business.

3. Why should your target customers care?

Finally, why should your customers read your blog posts, “Like” your Facebook page, or interact with you online?

The key to social media is engagement, when people are engaged, they are interested and this leads to greater things such as buying YOUR product.

And people don’t interact with you just because you’re awesome. They do it because it benefits them. So think about what you offer them –why do they need it, desire it or want it? And then promote your product for these reasons. You need to be focused on your target audience and why they need YOUR product.

You just need to focus on what your product or services does for them, no matter what industry and come up with blog content ideas around that, because if you want people to interact, then you need to get them to care. This isn’t easy. You need to engage them, watch what they respond to, and be ready to experiment.

And if you’re not ready to embrace that, then you’re probably better off not wasting your time at all.

Remember to live by the three C’s when embracing social media as a form of business building/strategy – Create, Connect and commit (to create consistency).

Create and build your social networking profiles

Connect and engage with your fan base, invite friends to your page, respond to comments and build your audience through ‘being there’ and actively listening.

Commit this is NOT a one day thing, it’s a lifelong commitment, as long as your business is ‘alive’ then so should be your commitment to social media.

Need to get your business started with a social media profile on Facebook (or Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc) and don’t know where to start? Just send me a message here and we can get you up and running within your desired time schedule.


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